All of my books – including comics, fiction, and non-fiction – are self-published and available in various formats including paperback, Kindle e-book via Amazon, and as a DRM-free PDF via Ko-Fi.

Space Bunny #1

Space Bunny is a bunny. A bunny in space. And they’re looking for salad. When their mission takes them to the darkest corner of the universe, Space Bunny ends up stranded on a mysterious alien planet and far from any signs of civilization. Now the plucky space explorer must learn to survive ferocious aliens, conquer dangerous environments, and escape from Planet Zero before they run out of salad.

Join Space Bunny in their first ever galactic adventure in this brand-new ongoing series filled with wacky characters and zany situations. Featuring four connected stories of Space Bunny’s first days on the mysterious Planet Zero.

Hero Booster

Danger Force. Cyber Silva. Electric Detective. You’ve never heard of these heroes before, but there’s no time for origin stories when the fate of the multiverse is at stake. An interdimensional being known only as The Collector has gathered eight of the greatest heroes from across the world to take on a great evil that seeks to destroy the universe and replace it with a room full of books. There will be robots, aliens, danger, and more – but the heroes of Earth can handle it!

Sapphire & Moonstone

She has the power to control ice and fire. He wields an unbreakable sword that allows him to turn into smoke. Together, they’re unbeatable. Sapphire & Moonstone features two super stories. First, in the secret origin, our heroes meet for the first time and save a dog park from an evil space alien. Then, our heroes learn to chill out when the food court is attacked by the Vacuum King. But no matter what the universe throws at them, Sapphire & Moonstone can never be defeated.

30 Seconds or Less

INFERNO: a saga of the 33rd century

Jacob Floyd is a night security guard at a small recycling plant on a small planet in a large galaxy. One day, Floyd clocks out at the end of his shift to a startling discovery: everyone on the planet has vanished. The security guard joins a crew of space pirates as they venture into the darkest reaches of the galaxy to solve a mystery that could very well save all life in space.

Lost Connection

Garlic Champions: A Mini-Memoir About Life, Food, and Digimon

Have you ever wondered why your favorite foods are your favorites? Is it really just because they taste good? This mini-memoir follows writer, blogger, and professional Digimon fan Victor Santiago on his nostalgic journey to discover the link between our favorite snack foods and our most precious childhood memories.