All of my books – including comics, fiction, and non-fiction – are self-published and available in various formats including paperback, Kindle e-book via Amazon, and as a DRM-free PDF via Ko-Fi.

Hero Booster

It’s time for an epic team-up in this indie superhero comic featuring heroes inspired by Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero and more. Co-created with Markk JC. Available in paperback at Silver Sprocket.

30 Seconds or Less

Lost Connection

Garlic Champions: A Mini-Memoir About Life, Food, and Digimon

Have you ever wondered why your favorite foods are your favorites? Is it really just because they taste good? This mini-memoir follows writer, blogger, and professional Digimon fan Victor Santiago on his nostalgic journey to discover the link between our favorite snack foods and our most precious childhood memories.

Geeky Baby Names

Looking for a baby name? Want a name that’s a bit more unique? What about something a bit more geeky? This book contains over 500 baby names inspired by movies, books, comics, anime, cartoons, TV shows, mythology, history, science, musical theater, pop culture and more!

INFERNO: a saga of the 33rd century

Jacob Floyd is a night security guard at a small recycling plant on a small planet in a large galaxy. One day, Floyd clocks out at the end of his shift to a startling discovery: everyone on the planet has vanished. The security guard joins a crew of space pirates as they venture into the darkest reaches of the galaxy to solve a mystery that could very well save all life in space.