HI, MY NAME IS VICTOR! I am a writer in Pittsburgh. I graduated from film school in 2014 and have since worked in marketing while self-publishing some books, making comics, and doing a handful of freelance writing gigs on the side. In 2017, I married Katrina Eames in an arcade. In 2019, I left my day job to focus on my writing. From 2022 through 2023 I worked at an afterschool program where I spent as much time as I could teaching kids how to make comics.

All my life I’ve loved watching Saturday morning cartoons, playing Japanese RPGs, and reading way too many comics! But most of all, I loved writing about my geek life! That’s why I started The Modern Gafa, my geek life blog where I talk about games, comics, anime, and more. After a certain point I got tired of writing about cool stuff and decided to start making cool stuff instead.

My ideal future involves making fun comics, especially comics for younger readers. I also want to keep working with kids, especially teaching comics.