Writing a Memoir at 28

Do I have the qualifications to write a memoir when I’m not even thirty yet? What’s the cut-off period there? Do you have to be a certain minimum age? Or is it okay if you’re famous? I feel like I’d rather read a famous person’s recollection of a specific chapter in their life as soon as that chapter ended, while it’s still fresh in their mind, instead of way later on in their life.

I’ve written two memoirs in my life. The first was written at the end of 8th Grade. It was about my life from the end of 7th Grade through 8th Grade, which meant I was constantly printing out new updates because we were still in 8th Grade. It was bad.

Garlic Champions, like most of my non-fiction work, was an idea that originated as a blog post. Somewhere around the type you type “Chapter 2” do you realize, “Hey, maybe this is too big for a blog post?”

It was a lot of fun to write and very nostalgic for me. It was a super weird concept and I’m really happy with how it turned out. And I don’t really feel bad about writing a memoir at 28 because at least this one is about my earlier childhood and caps off around age fifteen. Maybe I’ll write about my first decade of blogging next?

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