HI, MY NAME IS VICTOR! I am a writer in Pittsburgh. I graduated from film school in 2014 and have since worked in marketing while self-publishing some books, making comics, and doing a handful of freelance writing gigs on the side. In 2017, I married Katrina Eames in an arcade. In 2019, I left my day job and have been self/unemployed ever since.

All my life I’ve loved watching Saturday morning cartoons, playing Japanese RPGs, and reading way too many comics! But most of all, I loved writing about my geek life! That’s why I started The Modern Gafa, my geek life blog where I talk about games, comics, anime, and more. After a certain point I got tired of writing about cool stuff and decided to start making cool stuff instead.

My ideal future involves making fun comics, especially comics for younger readers, while creating stories for other media as well. I’d love to write YA novels, TV shows, movies, even video games. I am currently developing an OGN and a mini-series while continuing to create short comics.